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Designer Kitchens  without the Designer

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Spaces are the most important elements shaping lives of people. We are in a struggle to constantly offer a new kitchen look in aid of today’s modern interior architecture design understanding.

A kitchen design and its colors and finish not only have decorative characters, but also an influencing effect on your mood, that’s why we always aim to select  the fashionable new decors adding energy to the space.

Our mission is to make a kitchen that impresses the viewers. That’s why we implement our knowledge, vision and creativity in your kitchen design process.   

DecoDoors Collection Models



 Wther your looking for a modern or classic style door, your taste is certainly here ! 
Doors are sized accoridng to your door opening size, and the frame and architrave are made locally in our factory, combining durability of PINE WOOD along with the new technology to have your frame in any veneer you would like, with prices knocked down to half !

Decodoors are simply the best selling doors in USA and Europe from Villas to appartments, this species of doors is the best choice!!!!

The space definer…



Our team of designers is ready to change your life by planning a distinctive wardrobe just for you.


It is no longer a simple closet that we aim for; we manipulate the space in order to create the most effective and functional wardrobe.


That’s why we create the best solution of wardrobes that suites your requirement.